LOVELAND, Colorado – July 31, 2012 – Watermill Express donates 6,000 gallons of water to Heaven Fest

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LOVELAND, Colorado – July 31, 2012 – Watermill Express, the nation’s largest drive-up pure drinking water and ice company, provided 6,000 gallons of water and 6,000 pounds of Waterocks® Ice to a record setting crowd at Heaven Fest, which took place at The Ranch in Loveland, Colorado.

Warm temperatures and clear skies at the all-day music festival made the Watermill Express tents a frequent and popular stop among the crowd. Watermill Express’ water trailers kept the lines moving quickly throughout the day.  With its water donation, Watermill Express saved approximately 30,000 plastic bottles from being dumped into our countries landfills.

“Watermill Express is part of the DNA that makes up Heaven Fest, we can’t imagine not having them here,” said Jeanie Rhoades, festival director for Heaven Fest.  “Right out of the gate Watermill Express brought a quality of care, generosity and professionalism to our festival we would not have had and wouldn’t have known we needed, but for which are so grateful for now.”

Watermill Express set up two water trailers on the 300-acre complex, each water trailer was capable of serving multiple people at a time.  The 6,000 gallons of water donated is the largest amount Watermill Express has donated to Heaven Fest.

“I heard so much praise for the free water stations,” said Rhoades.  “The festival goers loved having free water refill stations.  It’s also important to note that we only had three heat related medical calls this year, that is down from 23 last year when we didn’t have a water sponsor.  The staff, the volunteers, the patrons and even The Ranch, who usually doesn’t allow outside beverage companies on their property, were all so pleased with the professionalism and quality that Watermill Express brought.”

Heaven Fest is a Christian music festival featuring over 50 bands, which performed on seven stages set up on the 300-acre park.  This was the fourth year that Watermill Express has donated water at Heaven Fest.  For more information visit

About Watermill Express:

Watermill Express is the largest drive-up pure drinking water and ice company in the nation and the green alternative to prepackaged water. Watermill Express customers reuse their own clean containers to reduce pollution from single-use plastic water bottles. Waterocks® Ice is now available at select locations. Call 1-800-487-9643 for more information.