MISSION, Texas – August 16, 2012 – Watermill Express provides water and ice for Operation Lone Star

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MISSION, Texas – August 16, 2012 – Watermill Express, the nation’s largest drive-up pure drinking water and ice company, provided water to Operation Lone Star in Palmview/Mission, Texas.

Watermill Express donated 150 gallons of water and 120 pounds of Waterocks® Ice to approximately 12,000 people participating in Operation Lone Star.  Watermill Express had two water stations, one set up at Palmview High School and one at Pharr-San Juan Alamo High School, to keep everyone hydrated.

Operation Lone Star is in its 13th year and is organized by the Texas Department of Health Services.  Operation Lone Star is a cooperative event among local, state and national service agencies that provides free health screenings, treatments, immunizations, physicals, hearing and vision tests to residents of South Texas.  This year, the U.S. Public Health Service will participate for the second time, bringing in medical staff from around the country to help with the event.

About Watermill Express:

Watermill Express is the largest drive-up pure drinking water and ice company in the nation and the green alternative to prepackaged water. Watermill Express customers reuse their own clean containers to reduce pollution from single-use plastic water bottles. Waterocks® Ice is now available at select locations. Call 1-800-487-9643 for more information.