SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY, California – November 12, 2012 – Watermill Express provides grant for the Turlock Carnegie Art Center

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SAN JOAQUIN VALLEY, California – November 12, 2012 – Watermill Express, the nation’s largest drive-up pure drinking water and ice company, promotes learning and exploration of the arts through its grant to San Joaquin Valley students.

Watermill Express supplied a grant to local area high schools, which paid for transportation costs for students from around the San Joaquin Valley region to attend the Turlock Carnegie Art Center.  The grant enabled students to visit the newly renovated Carnegie free of charge, allowing them to see the works of distinguished artists such as Ansel Adams.

The newly built Carnegie features gallery and retail spaces, a multi-use facility, classrooms and an open air plaza.  It is also home to a variety of art classes for residents of the San Joaquin Valley.

About Watermill Express:

Watermill Express is the largest drive-up pure drinking water and ice company in the nation and the green alternative to prepackaged water. Watermill Express customers reuse their own clean containers to reduce pollution from single-use plastic water bottles. Waterocks® Ice is now available at select locations. Call 1-800-487-9643 for more information.