Congratulations to the 2017 Watermill Express Guppy Tank Contest Finalist

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Congratulations to finalists

Congratulations to the following young entrepreneurs for making it to the finals on Guppy Tank!  It’s now time to put your ideas into action and unleash your creativity. Get ready to enter the Tank – The Guppy Tank!

  1. Gabriela L. Galindo- PipArt [ McAllen, Tx]
  2. Patricia Williams- Authentic Diva[ Mission, Tx]
  3. Catherine Emily Garza- Kitty’s Kitchen [ Edinburg, Tx]
  4. Aron Gamboa- Finder Prez [ Harlingen, Tx]
  5. Joaquin Galindo and Frankie Rodriguez- Helping Bots [ Harlingen, Tx]

Guppy Tank Finalist Presentations

Wednesday May, 31st – From 1pm-4pm
Inter National Bank Board Room
1801 S 2nd St, McAllen, TX 78503