Ditching Single-Use Water Bottles Keeps the Earth – and Your Wallet – Green

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Did you know that it takes a single plastic water bottle more than 450 years to decompose in a landfill? That’s a shocking statistic, especially when you consider the fact that the average American used almost 200 disposable water bottles each last year, but only recycled 37. In fact, when you add it up, more than 38 billion water bottles – equating to more than $1 billion worth of plastic – are wasted (not recycled) each year.

At Watermill Express, we are passionate about what we call the R4

Reduce the amount of trash you create

Reuse what you have

Recycle what you can

Refuse to purchase single-use plastic water bottles

Since our inception, Watermill Express customers have saved more than 4 billion single use water bottles from polluting our nation’s landfills. Watermill Express is an original sponsor of Container Recycling Institute’s “Zero Beverage Container Waste” program, and our company was an original member of the EPA’s WasteWise program in 1998.

All Watermill Express customers can bring their one-, three- or five-gallon reusable containers to any Watermill Express kiosk to refill them. Each Watermill Express five-gallon bottle you refill saves 40 single-use bottles!

For more information about Watermill Express’ work to eliminate single-use water bottles, click here.