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Watermill Express’ strategic growth plan to expand in markets across the country is in full swing, with more franchisee interest than ever. And as customers learn just how delicious pure drinking water can be, the demand for Watermill Express grows too.

This is especially true in communities that are more affected by adverse weather conditions that lead to droughts and potential water contamination.

Cities like Yuma, Arizona, are the perfect fit for Watermill Express because consumers want safe, affordable drinking water.

Watermill Express’ pure drinking water and Waterocks® Ice provide consumers and their families with healthy, delicious pure drinking water 24 hours a day without the waste of disposable bottles. Our water is guaranteed to taste crisp and clean.

If you’re interested in joining the Watermill Express franchise and taking advantage of the great opportunity it provides to bring pure drinking water and ice to Yuma or another community, we’d love to hear from you. Please click here for more information.

Watermill Express Franchisees are Passionate about Social Responsibility


Cristian Rivera 2nd Prize Winner
At Watermill Express, our dedication to serving communities goes far beyond simply providing pure drinking water and Waterocks® ice to our customers – from the annual “Healthy Habits” essay contest to our Guppy Tank competition that teaches kids to explore their creative entrepreneurial ambitions, Watermill Express is committed to positively impacting its communities.

It’s been proven over and over that franchisees and employees experience exponentially greater job satisfaction when they know that their employer or franchisor is committed to community outreach as well.

In fact, according to a study that ran in Forbes by nonprofit research company Net Impact, more than half of workers said that “a job where I can make an impact” was important to their happiness, and 72 percent of students poised to enter the workforce agreed.

For more information on any of the community outreach efforts Watermill Express has in place, please click here or visit the brand’s Facebook page.

Watermill Express Captures Media Attention in 2016


As the new year begins, we look back at 2016 and celebrate another year of success as an industry leader, reflected in a shower of media attention on the local, regional and consumer levels.

Watermill Express’ impressive growth and commitment to serving its communities has resulted in a mix of consistent TV, print, online and social media coverage in 2016.

On the local level, TV stations KMID and KWES had local Watermill Express representatives on the air to showcase the brand and highlight its community ties. Print and online publications such as Odessa American ran stories that shouted the franchise message and endeared the brand further into its markets.

Regionally, the Southern Business JournalArkansas Business and the Denver Postpublished articles with a wide, business-focused reach that helped to further entrench the brand’s visibility in its key markets.

On a consumer level, bloggers from Around My Family Table and Equipping Strengthexplored the Watermill Express experience, sharing it through social media with their deeply engaged audiences.

Watermill Express has established itself as an authoritative voice in America for the immense need to provide safe, affordable and pure drinking water and ice to communities that do not have easy access. Establishing this voice comes as a result of the company’s commitment that it has maintained for more than 30 years to offer a pure drinking water solution that is at once less harmful to the environment than prepackaged water and affordable for the hundreds of communities it serves.

For more information on the Watermill Express franchise opportunity, please click here.

Looking for an environmentally friendly franchise opportunity?


Watermill Express has provided clean, safe drinking water for more than 30 years and now you can bring this environmentally friendly concept to your community through a new franchise opportunity.

The Watermill Express concept was founded on the principle of removing dangerous contaminants like lead and nitrates from tap water. As a “last mile” technology, Watermill Express’ proprietary system effectively treats drinking water after it travels through the city’s underground distribution lines and right before a customer vends the water into their own bottle.

This unique approach also addresses the potential contamination of thousands of unregulated contaminants. According to the 2001 report, “Classifying Drinking Water Contaminants for Regulatory Consideration,” the National Research Council (NRC) estimated that the total number of chemical, microbial and other types of potential drinking water contaminants is likely on the order of “tens of thousands.”

Watermill Express’ unique computer monitored kiosk allows customers to drive up and refill their own clean water bottles, reducing the amount of plastic waste thrown out in comparison to single-serve water bottles. In 2015 alone, more than 54 billion single-serve plastic water bottles were sold in the U.S. Since our formation in 1984, Watermill Express customers have kept an estimated 500 million one-gallon, single-use water containers out of landfills.

With more than 1,300 locations nationwide, hundreds of thousands of Americans are benefitting from Watermill Express’ pure drinking water and now also have access to our newest offering, Waterocks® Ice.

For more information on the Watermill Express franchise opportunity, please click here.