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I had worked in the corporate world for a long time, but had always wanted to be an entrepreneur. I was looking for something that I could own and operate and was introduced to Lani and Don by a mutual friend and made an initial investment in the company in 1990. After learning more about Watermill Express I found that I really liked the system they had in place. Then in 1991, we opened our own franchise in the Houston market.

Over the last 20 years I learned that many of the skills I initially developed in the corporate world have helped me find success as an entrepreneur, including my ability to motivate and organize people. Since we opened our first unit in 1991, I have since opened 90 additional kiosks across the Houston market.

What I love most about working with Watermill Express is that the company is very passionate about what they are doing and who they serve. Lani and Don are very driven and committed to providing a clean, affordable product to customers, so it has been a great company to be a part of.

— Chris Moore

At the early age of 19, we became property managers for the first time and have continued on that path all of our lives, while Lloyd also worked at a manufacturing plant and I raised our three kids at home. Flash forward to today and now we own about 30 rental properties, as well as three laundromats, three tanning salons, and one beauty salon.

We initially learned about Watermill Express when we purchased a property adjacent to our Bowling Green laundromat that had an existing Watermill kiosk already on it. After we purchased the property, we also bought the Watermill Express, plus an additional kiosk the owner had available. We quickly realized that the Watermill Express kiosks served as a great source of additional income, on a piece of property that normally would be vacant. Additionally, we have really enjoyed interacting with the customers who use our service. Lloyd services the machine twice a day himself, so he likes meeting our customers when he spends time at the kiosks. As existing property managers, it really has been a great value to us.

— Linda and Lloyd Fite

I was fresh out of college when I started with Watermill. My friend Tom’s dad, John, was a Watermill Express franchisee in Northeastern Louisiana, and was looking to relocate his kiosks, so Tom and his 2 partners were trying to put together franchising for Phoenix. After I graduated from college, they already had 3 stations in the Phoenix market. They were looking to invest and add more stations to the market, so they needed to hire additional staff to help service the stations. So both Tom and I moved to Phoenix in August of 1994 and did a little bit of everything from operations, to promotional needs. We really grew with the company.

In 1997, Tom and I became the franchisees; Tom headed up the marketing and sales and I ran development. It has been a wonderful journey with Watermill Express and has been lot of fun to build a business and watch it grow. It’s been great to interact with everyone from the vendors to customers as well as with Lani and Don. It’s also very fulfilling because what we’re doing matters and we’re making a difference in people’s lives.

— Marcus Tork

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